Phil Cannella, A Man Ahead of the Curve

Too often people stand on the sidelines of any activity and wait for someone else to act, someone else to do something, and wait and see if this person is successful or not before boarding the train so to speak. Those types of people are good at following others, but they are not the leaders of our society.

Our leaders are those who don’t fear to say or do something that may not be in keeping with the status quo. Our leaders are those that seek change, those that seek to improve society, those that act to do something while others stand around gaping.

Phil Cannella is just such a man. He is not your run of the mill individual who is waiting to be spoon-fed the next thought he should have. Phil Cannella inspires people to do things that change society. This is evidenced in numerous fields, not just the work he has done with seniors through his exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System, but his other philanthropic work though his donations to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and even Hurricane Sandy victims.

Phil Cannella is not someone who watches by the sidelines. He gets in there with his sleeves rolled up and works to better the lot of man in every way he can, whenever he can. How many other financial professionals are out there that have made it their life’s mission to help at every level of society in the way Phil Cannella has. I doubt you could count them on more than two hands.

This is what Phil Cannella does and this is why people board his train for his is the train that has repeatedly led to success at every level and this is why people are constantly trying to emulate him. Phil Cannella deserves all the praise for his efforts.

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