Phil Cannella Analyzes Faults in U.S. Economy

Phil Cannella created his exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System for the expressed purpose of removing all the factors that are outside of our control that may have a negative effect on our retirement nest-eggs. Threats such as market risk can cause turmoil in retirees’ accounts. This kind of risk has happened time and time again during down periods in market history including two well-known stock market crashes that have occurred twice in the first decade of this century.

Phil Cannella was appalled by the devastation which occurred in millions of retirees savings accounts when assets were suddenly unable to sustain retirement levels and the ability to go back to work was now gone due to age and frailty. Phil was determine to make effective changes within the financial-retirement world which eventually brought him to creating his proprietary Crash Proof Retirement System.

Furthermore, through the media firm which he created, Retirement Media Inc.-Truth for the American Retiree, Phil Cannella delivers vital news and information that every retiree must know and understand in order to navigate the tumultuous waters of retirement. In keeping with that philosophy, Phil Cannella undertook an in depth analysis of the economic growth in America and understanding that we can correctly forecast what is to come. It is real economic growth that forecasts a long-term sustainability in the economy, rather than speculative growth that creates the tremendous volatility we all see today.

When an investor has his or her assets largely on the market and subjects that lifetime savings to market forces, he or she has to deal with a great amount of volatility which often leads to sleepless nights, stress and worry. This is not the type of personal or economic environment a retiree should have to with stand and is not the ideal retirement scenario we envision when we consider our Golden Years. Phil Cannella is unique among financial & retirement professionals in creating a Crash Proof Retirement System that provides for guaranteed safety and security and at the same time allows for growth.