Phil Cannella and David Kotz on the Look-Back Principle – Phil Cannella News

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella begins his interview with H. David Kotz, former Inspector General of the SEC, by asking Mr. Kotz how he feels he will look back on his time with the SEC, and if he will feel there was more he could have done. Mr. Kotz responds candidly to the incisive line of questioning by discussing some of his efforts at the SEC.

He reveals to Phil Cannella that if, upon his departure, he could look back and not have done of the things he has done, he might feel a sense of responsibility. He went on to tell Phil Cannella he does not have anything to regret. As he tells Phil Cannella, if he had not issued the reports he issued, or conducted the investigations he conducted, he might be able to look back in regret. He tells Phil Cannella that he feels, however, that he did everything within his power to report and investigate the issues he felt were important, and therefore he does not feel he will look back with any regrets. Phil Cannella has shown throughout his line of questioning with Mr. Kotz that he knows how to penetrate to the heart of issues that most affect the American public, while also revealing to us the human side of someone like Mr. Kotz, the former head of such an important as powerful organization.


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