Phil Cannella Answers the Question “What is a Crash Proof Retirement?” – Phil Cannella Media

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Media: Phil Cannella recognized, in the wake of the last two major stock market crashes of the 21st century, that the industry was in the need of a system that could protect the wealth of senior citizens so that they could truly enjoy their golden years as they always wished they could. To this end, Phil Cannella explored the options available for seniors and devised a system that does exactly that.

As Phil Cannella explains, Crash Proof Retirement™ is a new approach to retirement, designed to adapt to the many new challenges that face retirees today. It is a system that emphasizes preserving wealth, planning for longevity and a complete absence of market risk or ongoing investment fees.

It is fitting here to stress complete absence of market risk as that is the exact premise upon which Phil Cannella constructed the system as he wanted to do something that would survive another crash, no matter how severe.

As of today, thousands of consumers have gone through Phil Cannella’s crash proof retirement system and have enjoyed living and seeing the benefits of safety and conservative growth.

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