Phil Cannella: Committed to Consumer Advocacy

Phil Cannella has faced some tough challenges in his effort to make changes to the financial services industry and bring about reforms on Wall Street. But the battle over fiduciary duty may be his greatest victory to date. Phil Cannella and Crash Proof Retirement has a fiduciary duty towards its clients; Wall St. does not!

The Wall Street environment is a perfect example of the “every man for himself” approach. Financial professionals are all too willing to take advantage of oblivious consumers, while industry insiders are work solely for their own personal financial gain, with little regard for the people they serve.
By contrast, Phil Cannella stands in direct opposition to this selfish mentality, holding himself up to the highest standards of a fiduciary as a true consumer advocate.

Phil Cannella spends each day furthering the cause of consumer advocacy within the financial industry. He has accomplished this throughout his 40-year career, and by creating the exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System. The proprietary Crash Proof Retirement System is uniquely designed to protect the money of people in or near retirement, who simply don’t have the human capital to weather yet another financial crisis created by Wall Street vultures. Phil Cannela’s exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System is uniquely designed to protect clients from market risk while ensuring that no client ever lose a penny of principal due to market crashes.
For over a decade now, Phil Cannella has been a true consumer advocate by helping seniors navigate through retirement. He furthered his causes by starting the Crash Proof Retirement Show in 2008, a weekly radio program that airs on Philadelphia’s #1 talk radio station, Talk Radio 1210 WPHT. Each week, Phil Cannella and his co-host Joann Small (The President and CEO of First Senior Financial Group which the home of the proprietary Crash Proof Retirement System) address the latest happenings in finance, politics and all other areas of concerns to Americans trying to get through the ever-changing retirement landscape.
Today, more than 4,000 Crash Proof Retirement clients can proudly vouch for the consumer advocacy efforts of Phil Cannella. Each of these clients has been protected through a Crash Proof Retirements Phil Cannella’s efforts have taken hundreds of millions of dollars of assets out of the straw house industry of Wall Street and into the brick house of the insurance industry.