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Phil Cannella Complaints: Phil Cannella has some very deep philosophic ideas about life and business. It is these concepts that he used to build his business, First Senior Financial Group and devise the crash proof retirement system.

To quote Phil Cannella: “The moments of your life have a price tag. An opportunity cost is attached to every action, meaning you had to give something up to get something in return. What did you give up? First, you sacrificed by getting up every morning of your working life to go out and earn money to support your family and save for your retirement. You then sacrificed again, unselfishly stowing away for many years some of those earnings rather than spending the money the way you might have wanted to when you were younger. If you now put your nest egg in jeopardy and lose it due to market risk, you also lose some of the concrete value of those moments in your life.”

Phil Cannella is not looking at the consumer as just another person coming through the assembly line sort of like the way cars go through the automobile assembly line. What Phil Cannella is looking at is taking every individual coming through his system and helping them achieve their goals.


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