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Phil Cannella Complaints: Phil Cannella has some more deep philosophic messages on life. Perhaps this goes with his name which spells the first 4 letters of “philosophy.”

Phil Cannella Reviews & Complaints

According to Phil Cannella there is a distinct cycle of life. It goes like this: “It could be said that all of life is a cycle. There’s the endless flow of the four seasons. New life emerges at springtime, representing a new beginning, like the birth of a child. In the spring of your life, you educate and prepare for your career. You find love and begin your family. Spring then evolves to summer, the prime of life. These are your working years, where you solidify your financial position and your emotional bonds. As summer transforms and moves into the fall, you begin to wind down as you

approach and move into retirement. Then, as the leaves fall from the trees and winter sets in, marking the end of the cycle… or so it seems. If you didn’t know any better, after seeing the trees bare of their leaves for months, you would think they were dead. And so it is in all of life: A new phase begins with a new cycle of seasons.”

For Phil Cannella it is al about bringing new life to people by inspiring them with solutions to their troubles, in this case by providing them with a solution for them to safely navigate their retirement.

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