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Phil Cannella Has been from the bottom up.

Phil CannellaPhillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella has seen life from the bottom up. Growing up in a family that had a had time making ends meet, Phil Cannella learned that it was hard work and your sleeves rolled up that gave you the means to survive. While some may be blessed with riches of their parents, factually Phil Cannella was blessed with seeing and learning the true and real lessons of life that aided his survival.

Phil Cannella tells us a little about his life here

We did what a lot of families do in times of need. To make things easier for us, my parents, grandpop and grandmom decided to sell their respective homes and buy a larger home where we could all live together. It was so exciting for us kids to move in with our grandparents, to wake up and see them every day.

“Despite the financial struggles that we went through in those early years, our family life was great. We kids grew up happy and healthy, and as the years rolled by we shared many good times and built many wonderful memories in that house. Those were the days and we all knew it.”

Unfortunately not all families can say that they endured those strong bond-building moments as Phil Cannella had to do in his formative years. Moments like this give a man a backbone and a strength to be resilient, a strength to learn, the strength to survive.

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