Phil Cannella Examines Exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System

Phil Cannella has been a retirement professional for almost 40 years having started his career as an insurance professional in the 1970s offering seniors long-term care solutions. As the years went by, especially after seeing so many retirees devastated from the market crashes of the early 2000s when the tech bubble burst, Phil Cannella was determined to solve the problem of how to safeguard retirement incomes and come up with a means of providing people in and near retirement with a way of enjoying their retirement without worrying about running out of money or having a nest-egg at risk to market crashes and corruption.

Phil Cannella spent years carefully researching and crafting what is known today as the Crash Proof Retirement System. Phil conducted intensive research to locate the financial investment vehicles that could provide complete principal protection while at the same time providing for growth of the assets. After making various adjustments to the process, he then trained his staff which could take his directions and his teachings and use it to design Crash Proof Retirement Systems to each and every consumer who came to see him. Today, First Senior Financial Group, the company Phil Cannella founded and which is home to the proprietary Crash Proof Retirement System, is the only company licensed to deliver the exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System.

The first test occurred in 2008-2009 when the markets crashed for the second time in a decade, yet every one of Phil Cannella’s Crash Proof consumers did not lose a penny of their principals. That’s because the money earned within the Crash Proof Retirement System is credited as interest, so it immediately becomes a permanent part of one’s principal which cannot be taken away due to market downturns. Phil Cannella is now one of the most highly sought after financial professionals in the industry, gaining referrals from client after client who sing words of praise for the services he and Joann Small, the President and CEO of First Senior Financial Group (home of the exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System) have provided.