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Phil Cannella and two major phases

Phil CannellaPhillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella looks at life in terms of two major phases. The first phase he explains is the Accumulation phase, the second is the Retirement Phase. Let’s break these down a little and see if we can get a little better explanation as to what these are.

 Phil Cannella stresses these words

According to Phil Cannella: “The first half of your financial journey is the Accumulation Phase. And the second half, well that’s the Retirement Phase, wherein the game will be won or lost for you and your family. Will your money last as long as you? Will you keep your current lifestyle in later years of retirement?”

Phil Cannella stresses these last words “Will you keep your current lifestyle in later years of retirement?” As we age we have new fears, a primary one being that we might run out of money. Another one is that we may become a burden to our children.

Phil Cannella makes the point that if you plan properly you won’t run out of money. Well of course that could be qualified depending on how much money you had to begin with, but  good planning does take a lot of factors into account. With Phil Cannella’s Crash Proof Retirement system it is all about creating that safety.

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