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Phil Cannella and his good fortune

Phil Cannella Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella has had the good fortune of seeing what life is like from all aspects. Many of us might take much for granted. College was paid for us, we attended private school, we had a nice house perhaps with a swimming pool in the back when a child, etc.

Phil Cannella fondly remembers

Phil Cannella did not have these niceties when growing up. His parents moved in with all his siblings into his grandparents house to make ends meet. Phil Cannella fondly remembers the day his grandpa retired as a milkman: “I remember that every Tuesday night was pasta night at 5:30 sharp. It was just before one of those pasta dinners that my grandpop came rushing through the door on his last day of work after 37 years of service as a delivery man, wearing his well-worn uniform for the last time, looking overjoyed, satisfied… relieved. He worked so hard all those years. I’ll never forget the words he so proudly said with a great big smile on his face: “I DID IT! I MADE IT! I’M DONE! I’M RETIRED!”

This is perhaps what we all wish for when we retire. Yet today it seems that we are concerned about retiring not knowing if we’ll be able to enjoy it, if we’ll have enough money to live through retirement. That is exactly what Phil Cannella does today for retirees. Phil Cannella works with people in and approaching retirement to be able to equally enjoy the days of their retirement.

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