Phil Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella Interviews Best-Selling Author Harry Dent

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella provides another insightful interview, this time with best-selling author and renowned economic forecaster, Harry Dent, to educate America about healthy retirement strategies.

Phil Cannella and Harry Dent are a unique combination to listen to, providing listeners with a revealing glimpse into our 2014 economic forecast.

Phil Cannella knows what to ask, pulling out of Harry Dent the reasons why he feels 2014-2015 is the next big danger period for the economy. With insights into how to protect your retirement assets before things crash again, listeners can better plan ahead.

In listening to this interview, you’ll learn how to preserve what you have so you can be ahead of the game. You’ll learn about Crash Proof investments, and how to be proactive for yourself even though the Government is only being reactive.

Dent refers to the debt bubbles being created and explains how they will burst. He tells Phil Cannella that he feels most stock brokers don’t care about their clients and are not representing their investors fully, but are instead just salesmen.

Dent goes on to reveal how we can use the current situation to make way for wealth as he explains to Phil Cannella that the great depression was part of what created the prosperity that followed.

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