Phil Cannella is a Crash Proof Consumer Advocate

Phil Cannella has taken a “consumer advocate’s” approach in developing the Crash Proof Retirement System. Phil Cannella ‘s goal with the Crash Proof Retirement System was to be able to put protections in place so that no one using the system could be betrayed by the stock market. The very core principals of the system are to Crash Proof a retiree’s investment accounts against crashes and to provide peace of mind to the consumer in retirement.

Phil Cannella began his fastidious work in creating the Crash Proof Retirement System soon after the crash of 2001 when he saw many, many people have much of their wealth wiped out overnight. Over the subsequent years, Phil Cannella perfected the Crash Proof Retirement System, adding important consumer protections. Phil knew that many securities and financial advisers were pushing financial vehicles that would land them the biggest commissions, rather than the ones that would work the best for their clients. In other words: those financial advisers were not working under a fiduciary standard to put the needs of their clients ahead of their own. That’s why Phil Cannella founded the company: First Senior Financial Group– (Home of the exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System) and hired experienced employees who were paid salaries rather than commissions. With no vested interest in selecting the investments, the “salaried design team,” put in charge to design each Crash Proof System, was free to create individualized income solutions that truly worked for each separate consumer. Now, after over a decade of Crash Proofing the retirements of over 4,000 consumers, Phil Cannella can feel a great sense of accomplishment in knowing that he has truly brought peace of mind to the folks who have trusted First Senior Financial Group and Crash Proof Retirement.