Phil Cannella is closing in on a decade of Crash Proof Retirement

Phil Cannella has been dedicating almost 40 years of his career as an insurance and retirement professional to helping safeguard the retirement nest-eggs of people in or near retired years. Having started his consumer advocacy mission of protecting families from financial devastation through pioneering long term care insurance, Phil Cannella has transitioned into Crash Proofing the retirement nest-eggs of retirees from the financial devastation caused by Wall Street.

Phil Cannella created the exclusive and proprietary Crash Proof Retirement System almost a decade ago after witnessing many people losing much of their savings due to down-swings & crashes on the stock market. Phil recognized that retirees were putting far too much faith into Wall Street advisers, when their life savings were on the line. After all: How can you make back the money you’ve lost in a stock market crash, once you’ve retired? It’s a simple but profound question that Phil Cannella has had the courage to ask financial advisers, and it was this determination and concern for others that led Phil to develop the Crash Proof Retirement System, which could prevent financial ruin for retirees at a time in their lives when they really needed and wanted peace of mind.

As a Crash Proof consumer said in a testimonial video:

“Phil Cannella takes the time and care to explain all the details, to make sure you understand the choices you have, to really ensure you are making the right choice. All of the people I have had contact with at Crash Proof Retirement have been wonderful. Phil is great. He is very detail oriented. He answers all of my questions. He tells me about every option I can have and makes great recommendations. Having been with Crash Proof Retirement since 2006, have always been very satisfied.”

Phil Cannella has built an entire team of consumer advocates to help provide the exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System to anyone in need. He founded his company: First Senior Financial Group-The Home of the exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System- to offer unparalleled service. Week in and week out thousands of consumers attend his educational events, and many follow-up with personal one-on-one meetings with Phil to get educated on how to protect their financial futures and have the retirement they’ve always dreamed of.