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Phil Cannella has grown accustomed to dealing with those hostile to his efforts to offer real solutions to the everyday investor. Over his 40 year career as a professional in the insurance and financial services arena, he has honed a system, the Crash Proof Retirement™ system, to specifically aid those people in or approaching retirement in order to protect their nest eggs from the volatility of the stock market.

Because of the unrivaled success Phil has had, he has drawn the attention of critics, or more aptly stated, competitors, envious of his success. Despite numerous attempts to replicate his system, he has continued to stand alone with regard to the volume of clientele he is able to service and cater to. It is a true testament to the versatility of his system that so many consumers can walk through his doors and get the level of service he is able to provide.

It is for good reason that Phil Cannella has become a household name across the tri-state area. He has been transmitting his radio show, the Crash Proof Retirement Show® on the #1 Talk Radio station in the Philadelphia area for many years. His radio show provides a rare and insightful view of Wall Street, the financial services industry and the banking system. Listeners tune in to hear his voice from across state lines.

To take his marketing efforts up a notch, he supplements his outreach through a well-designed mailer that reaches his target audience right in their mailbox. The heart of his system however is his weekly educational events that he holds to provide information to his target audience where he offers a snapshot of the financial situation affecting retiring Americans and solutions to their concerns.

These educational events, along with his Crash Proof Retirement system have resulted in unprecedented expansion for Phil Cannella. While his business was seeing terrific growth, his competitors at the same time were seeing their numbers shrink. Instead of focusing their efforts on increasing their own marketing outreach, a handful of unsavory competitors were determined to reduce Phil Cannella’s market share with the idea this would increase their own. Mistakenly, instead of doing some real soul searching to see how they could mend their own business systems, they reached the low of all lows of defaming another in order to detract potential clients from Phil.

To accomplish their devious ends, these people launched an online defamation campaign to ruin the good name Phil Cannella had spent decades building. These people were dragging the Phil Cannella brand through the mud. The online defamation campaign was particularly insidious for it was all done using anonymous and fictitious screen names in order to hide the identity of the authors. Moreover, the same people would post under multiple different screen names to give the impression that there was a large forum of disgruntled consumers when in fact it was all one big fabrication—a façade.

Effectively combating such a defamation campaign is difficult for the First Amendment offers the Freedom of Speech as one of our inalienable rights. Fortunately however, courts recognize that the freedom of speech has limitations when it comes to certain matters such as slander, libel, defamation, hate speech, etc. A good explanation of this is given here:

“The essence of a defamatory statement is that it is understood, or capable of being understood, as lowering the reputation of the person about whom the statement is made. Reputation, as it is used in this area of the law, means the estimation of a person’s character or worth in the eyes of the community. If third persons tend to dissociate themselves from the person about whom the statement is made, then that person has been defamed. We find here very real tension between freedom of association, or assembly, and freedom of speech: one can actually impinge negatively on the other. For example, if neighbors refuse to associate or come into contact with Mr. Jones because it has been rumored that he was HIV positive, Mr. Jones’ freedom of association has been infringed upon unless he can vindicate himself in some sort of forum. The law court, as the social institution designed to test and find the truth, is obviously the vehicle for such vindication. The law has fashioned the civil action of defamation as a means of drawing the balancing line between the freedom to speak and the freedom to associate.”

“The injury can also be to a person’s trade or business: thus if someone says that Dr. Punjab is a “quack,” the natural meaning drawn from the statement would cause others not to consult with that physician.”

This is exactly what Phil Cannella was facing in the online attack against his name. The published material caused others not to want to consult or do business with him and it was a severe business problem. To remedy this situation Phil Cannella brought the matter in front of the federal court in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Fighting a lawsuit can be very costly, and courts have the burdensome task of determining whether the published content was truly false or not. If the court fails to do so it could be protecting the guilty. Defamation is only defamation if they are lies and not truths. And freedom of speech is one of the basic building blocks of our nation. Judges have to carefully assess the merits of such cases.

Fortunately for Phil Cannella, he documented the evidence in question very well and presented the information to the judge. Furthermore, as the anonymous people didn’t care to present themselves for they would not stand behind their statements, they didn’t show up in court when the subpoenas were issued.

After many, many months of hard work, Phil Cannella was finally vindicated and the  judged ruled that those responsible for publishing the said content needed to refrain from doing so and ordered the defamatory  material be removed from the web.

Once again Phil Cannella has stood by his principles and continued to wield the sword of truth and he perseveres with his mission to bring truth to the American retiree.

 Phil Cannella Lawsuit, Phil Cannella Reviews, Phil Cannella Complaints

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