Phil Cannella Lawsuit, Phil Cannella Puts an End to Illicit Defamation Campaign

Phil Cannella Lawsuit

Phil Cannella Lawsuit:
Phil Cannella’s drive to bring real financial help and solutions to American seniors and retirees saw a sustained and exponential increase in his business for years upon years. After having developed his unique and ingenious Crash Proof Retirement™ system, people concerned about their retirement were coming to see and hear Phil Cannella in droves all with the purpose of finding out how to protect their assets and hard won nest eggs from the volatility of the stock market.

The expansion of Phil Cannella’s business was practically inexorable. Why was this? Because his system was built on truth and logic and not on a bed of lies and deceit, characteristics that had become synonymous with Wall Street and those who thrive off of the ignorance of others. Phil’s crash proof retirement system was designed to ensure that retirees could enjoy the fruits of their labors after working all their lives to accrue whatever savings they could so that they could look forward to their golden years knowing that they would never lose a penny of principal no matter what happened in the markets.

Phil Cannella Lawsuit:
However, not everyone appreciated that Phil was bringing these solutions to the everyday investor. Many preferred  that ignorance would mark the order of the day for then these underhanded crooks could get on with their daily fleecing, taking advantage of the many in order to line their own pockets. One man stood in the way of this plan and that was Phil Cannella who with sword in hand wielded the truth to cut the lies and deceit to shreds with the intent of bringing these underhanded dealings to an end.

As Phil Cannella’s business grew, more and more market share was being lost as Phil continued his mission to educate retirees and those approaching retirement. Seeing their bottom line continue to drop lower and lower and with their own inability to increase the effectiveness of their own marketing efforts, which due to their lies was a foregone conclusion, a handful of competitors wanted to put an end to Phil Cannella’s mission and these hooligans took the most underhanded of underhanded efforts you could imagine which was to hide behind a veil of anonymity while spewing lies upon lies about Phil Cannella through the medium of the Internet.

Phil Cannella Lawsuit:
The Word Wide Web was the perfect forum to carry out such an attack for it allowed these people to remain hidden in the depths of the dark web while they continued to spew all manner of vile matter all with the intent of discrediting Phil Cannella’s name. They knew that many consumers would google his name before engaging in business with him and so they jumped to the opportunity to masquerade under hundreds of different user names, all fictitious, all pretending to be someone else. It made it appear like there was an army of dissatisfied consumers out there when really, all there was was a handful of disgruntled competitors who wanted to regain market share by illicit means.

Phil Cannella was left with only one choice, to take the matter to the courts with the hopes that the court would recognize that the garbage being put out by these unknown people was tantamount to libel and defamation and hence would order it be removed from the web. This was a costly legal battle that Phil waged so that he could continue with his mission of bringing truth to the American retiree. It was a long battle too, for judge’s cannot and will not infringe on people’s First Amendment rights to the freedom of expression.

Phil Cannella Lawsuit:
Fortunately, the justice system protects people over an abuse of freedom of speech by those who spew words of hate that incite violence, those who engage in child pornography, those who infringe upon other’s copyrighted material, those who defame by spreading lies.

This was the battle Phil Cannella had to fight and it is one he fought for all retirees so he could continue to bring real financial help to those who most needed it. After many, many months of documentation and presentations to the judge in federal court, Phil Cannella won a permanent injunction against those who were spewing these lies and defamation. The judge ordered the material be removed from the web and ordered that those engaging in it cease all such activity at once.

Phil Cannella Lawsuit:
This was a real victory, not only for Phil Cannella, but for all retirees and seniors who benefit from Phil Cannella bringing the truth and offering real financial solutions for seniors to protect their nest eggs.

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