Phil Cannella Makes the Golden Years More Golden

Phil Cannella takes his mission in life very seriously. For him it is not just about helping one or two people but about changing the financial industry for retirees to make it more transparent and more ethical and to help not one or two consumers but thousands of them.

Phil Cannella is not just another financial adviser pawning some products here or there to make a quick buck. He created the proprietary Crash proof Retirement System to bring about a real and lasting change to investors who were sick and tired of seeing their hard earned investments crumble due to the whims of Wall Street.

As a true consumer advocate, Phil Cannella has the American retiree at his heart in the very business model he created. We all look at our lives looking forward to the time we can retire and no longer labor at an 8, 10, 12 or even 16 hour day job, which can sometimes be six or seven days a week.

It is because of his personal philosophy and dedication to helping people that Phil Cannella created the exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System that could take someone’s assets and work out a way to grow it without risk of market loss and without risk of loss due to a natural or unnatural catastrophe. Grounded in the life insurance industry, the vehicles within Phil Cannella exclusive Crash Proof System are backed against loss so that they grow as the markets grow and stay even when the markets fall or crash.

Phil Cannella wants every American retiree to enjoy his or her retirement without worry and with peace of mind, but they can only enjoy the “golden years” of their retirement if they are truly Crash Proof. And so it is that our golden years can be so much more golden if we can live without the fear that with one fell swoop our hard earned dollars can be wiped out. This is what Phil Cannella strives for day in and day out.