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Phil Cannella witnessed effects of nursing home stays

Phil CannellaPhillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella witnessed first hand the devastating effects a nursing home stay can have on a family. Stays is a nursing home can be pretty expensive and if one is not prepared for it the costs can wipe out the savings of a family and leave the family in times of great hardship. This is exactly what happened to Phil Cannella at an early age in his life when his grandpa went into a nursing home and the entire family had to come to the rescue to pay the bills in order to prevent the house being sold.

Phil Cannella and rough times for the family

Phil Cannella explains that times were rough for the family when his grandpa was in the nursing home. He explains: “After nine long, hard-fought months in the nursing home, grandpop finally passed away. Worse yet, he died thinking that all he had worked for all his life was wiped out by the ongoing nursing home expenses and an illness he had no control over.

“Thankfully, we were able to hold on to our much-loved home, because my dad stepped up to the plate and showed us all that if you’re not in the circumstances you want to be in, then create the circumstances you want. And that he did.”

This is one of the primary reasons Phil Cannella not long later went door to door selling home health care and nursing home insurance. He did not want others senior citizens to land in the same position as he and his family when a loved one is in need of such care. This is one of the reasons Phil Cannella strives to help retirees in every way he can.

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