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Phil Cannella • Phillip Cannella

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella often recalls why he got into the business of protecting retirees and helping them secure a safe retirement.

Phil Cannella • Phillip Cannella

“After my grandpop’s long battle in a nursery home, a time when the rug got pulled from under my family’s feet, I struggled to comprehend how such a prosperous country could leave its seniors and their finances so vulnerable. I didn’t understand why nothing was being done to reduce my parents’ and grandparents’ risk of losing their lifetime of work,“ explains Phil Cannella at one of his educational events.

“The more research I did, the clearer the answer became. With our Baby Boomer generation reaching retirement age in record numbers, our collective assets are vital to the American economy. We have more disposable income than any other group and our growing nest eggs are helping to fuel the stock market—the backbone of our economy,” continues Phil Cannella.

The truth is there are tax shelters available to you when you retire and insurance products that limit your exposure to risk. There are plenty of ways to protect your investments. But they are not publicized over loud speakers because none of them involve the stock market. Phil Cannella reminds us of these little known protections week in and week out at his Crash Proof Educational Events.

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