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Phil Cannella ReviewsPhil Cannella, unlike some or his peers, doesn’t look upon those consumers who come through his system as just another cog in the wheel of life. Phil Cannella looks at each consumer as their own person, another individual he can often solutions to.

Phil Cannella Complaints & Reviews

To give you another insight into what makes Phil Cannella so uniquely different we can take a look at some deep concepts of his: “I often counsel terminally ill seniors to give them hope and also to give me fulfillment. I tell them a story about when astronauts travel to space. As you know, they wear temporary protective space suits so they can survive the atmospheric changes. Well, while you’re here on Earth during your lifetime, God has given you – the essence of you or your spirit – a temporary protective suit at birth, or an Earth Suit called your body. Your Earth Suit ages and changes with the years, wears and tears, and eventually breaks down. But your spirit and energy are dynamic, enduring possessions that you have been blessed with at birth that will never age and don’t die along with your body.”

Phil Cannella is not steeped in the materialistic concepts that mark the 21st Century. This is one of the things that makes him so different from others.

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