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Phil Cannella Reviews: Phil Cannella compares the cycle of the economy to the cycle of life. Phil Cannella explains the cycle of life as a cycle of Spring – a beginning, through summer, fall and winter – an end. And then the cycle begins again.

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Phil Cannella says the economy is much the same except that the economy when it goes through it down part of the cycle can wipe out much of the fortune of people who are left in a state of despair. Phil Cannella says: “With all the cycles that we experience in life, why would our economy be any different? Throughout history our economy has had its up and downs, time and time again. The stock markets themselves inhabit just another cycle. The periodic market crashes we live through certainly attest to life’s shifting nature and the uncertainty that we inevitably face.”

Phil Cannella works to take the uncertainty out of one’s economic future by eliminating the uncertainty that comes with the endless cycle of market crashes that occur after runs of market expansion. Phil Cannella’s crash proof retirement system is designed to give a level of certainty to one’s financial future so that the last financial cycle you have to live through will last you through the last cycle of your life, possibly the best part of your life.

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