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Phil Cannella Reviews: Phil Cannella endured some hardships on the way to becoming what he is today. You could say that Phil Cannella lived life through thick and thin and learned real lessons of life and survival at a really early age. Lessons that served to give him a platform he was able to use later on to guide his career.

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In Phil Cannella’s own words: “In the early 1960s, I was seven years old and living in a row home outside Philadelphia with my parents, three sisters and a brother. Dad was a milkman with a meager paycheck and mom took care of us kids and the house. Bills got harder and harder to handle, and as time went on, we just couldn’t make ends meet. We were overwhelmed financially… but not spiritually.”

As you can see Phil Cannella was not born into wealth with an angel (financially speaking) there to launch his career. Phil Cannella had to tough out some tough times in order to get through just his formative years of life to go on to become the lead financial apostle he is today. Phil Cannella can be thankful that his early years guided him and gave him a foundation to know that success comes from hard work.

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