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Phil Cannella Reviews & Complaints

Phil Cannella in his objective of providing a means for every American retiree to live out the American dream wants to put a superhighway in place that anyone can traverse at their own speed, with the vehicles they choose to attain the objectives of their retirement journey.

Phil Cannella Complaints & Reviews

To quote Phil Cannella: “Learn from the successes and misfortunes [of others] and empower yourself to drive down that retirement superhighway with peace of mind by avoiding the concealed potholes, the hidden speed bumps and the unknown road hazards. By doing so, you can help ensure your life savings remain fully inflated and your retirement is crash proof.”

Phil Cannella makes the point that we have to learn from our and others mistakes and we can do that only if we can examine and analyze what has worked and what hasn’t.

To Phil Cannella it is evident that Wall Street doesn’t work for the American retiree because a market crash could wipe out their savings without enough time left in life for the loss to be recouped. Hence Phil Cannella has looked at the potholes and devised a system that bypasses those potholes or better stated, Phil Cannella has paved a superhighway that will enable you to traverse retirement safely.

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