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Phil Cannella stresses how to plan

Phil CannellaPhillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella stresses that you have to have a plan, a guide to take you through your retirement, financial speaking. This is why Phil Cannella makes such a great effort to educate those who come to see him on what they can and should expect as they begin this brand new journey.

Phil Cannella takes a good look

As Phil Cannella points out: “Many American retirees think exactly that at the end of their working careers: ‘I did it! I made it! I’m done!’ On the contrary; this is when the real journey begins. You are at the summit; the planning isn’t over. The climb down the other side of the mountain has just begun!”

What exactly can we expect on this journey? Let Phil Cannella walk you through what you might see. It isn’t always a pretty picture as some make it out to be. Phil Cannella insists we take a good look at the road blocks we might face on this art of the journey and that we plan for how we will get around them, over them or past them.

Phil Cannella’s system is designed so that we can take this journey and make good speed and accomplishing all we hoped we could with what we have.

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