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Phil Cannella Phillip Cannella Media: Phil Cannella doesn’t look upon retirement as an end of cycle but rather a beginning of a brand new cycle. While to some one could say that retirement signifies an approaching of the end of life, Phil Cannella looks at it as the beginning of a brand new aspect of life.

Phil Cannella in his own words

 In Phil Cannella’s own words: “While my grandpop and many others like him in this great country of ours believe that retirement is the end of the road, and that the planning is over, that simply isn’t true. Retirement is the beginning of a new phase, and signals that the planning has just begun.”

 When we reach retirement, Phil Cannella explains, we need to begin a new set of plans. Up until now one has been working and paying bills and other expenses through one’s income. When one decides to retire we are saying that a predictable income is now going to be shut off and one hopes that social security, a pension and perhaps savings will let us live out the remainder of our life.

 Phil Cannella explains that this calls for a plan, a strategy one has to write out to achieve the goals one has set out for for this phase called retirement.

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