Phil Cannella Slams Fed’s Economic Policies

In an exclusive interview with bestselling author and economic forecaster Harry Dent, Phil Cannella exposes the truth about the U.S. and world economy.

Phil Cannella questioned if trillions of dollars a year being imbued into the economy with nothing to prop it up, could ever pay off. On the one hand it seemed like the economy was on a strong footing. The Dow Jones Industrial Average, the S&P 500, and the NASDAQ all recovered from the 2008/2009 crash and seem to be on a rocket ride for the last few years. Yet was this “rocket ride” based on real economic growth, or was it based on this artificial stimulus through an economic policy known as quantitative easing?

Phil Cannella makes it real clear that real growth based on real underlying economic facts would continue to build on itself. But this is not what we have. The Fed created an environment that gave investors a false sense of security that the economy had recovered and that it was safe to get back in the market.

Yet the last 2 months has shown us just how fragile the economy really is. A few changes in China’s economic policies sent our economy reeling and once again seniors, retirees and the everyday investor paid the price.

This is why Phil Cannella urges us to take a moment from our days and consider protecting what we have worked so hard for all our life. Phil Cannella built a system, the exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System, for the very purpose of protecting an investor’s assets from market risk.

It is time we pay a little more heed to those who come at us with real logic and not logic based on fictitious numbers that are unable to support themselves even to a 10 year old.

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