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Phil Cannella likes the retirement phase

Phil CannellaPhillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella likes the retirement phase of one’s life to one’s harvest years. But what does Phil Cannella mean by that exactly? Well, imagine if you’ve been working hard all year to grow your crops, to prevent insects or some other pestilence destroying your crop and at last it is time to harvest. You go out and gather the crops and can now sell them and hopefully make some good money. The fruits of all your hard work are finally being realized.

Phil Cannella insists don’t stop planning

It is just like this according to Phil Cannella: “The second half of your financial journey, the Retirement Phase, consists of the drawdown years. These are your harvest years; the years to enjoy the fruits of your labor without the worry of having to lose it or work again. But thinking that you made it (as many do), and that you can stop planning at the end of the Accumulation Phase, could lead to your financial downfall in retirement.”

Phil Cannella insists that we don’t stop planning now that reached the point that we are retiring. Phil Cannella says that it is now time to plan what we are going to do with that harvest we worked so long and hard for.

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