Phil Cannella Testimonial: Doug and Eileen Flor

When Doug and Eileen Flor first met Phil Cannella in 2010, they were wary of investing in the unpredictability of Wall Street.

Today, they each enjoy a secure Crash Proof Retirement, complete with guarantees and peace of mind.

Doug Flor is retired from Exelon Power Company, while his wife Eileen works part-time as a school teacher. Their journey to a Crash Proof Retirement begins five years ago, when Doug attended an educational event at Spring Mill Manor in Ivyland, Pa.

Back in 2010, Doug was tired of market volatility. He’d watched friends lose money on the market and wasn’t comfortable investing his future in such an unstable climate.

“I had company stock,” he recalled, “and it made me pay attention to the overall market, all the other indexes and how they fluctuated. I saw enough of that in my mutual funds, I saw enough of the volatility of the market. I’d rather have [my money] in the bank where I feel I have control. Crash Proof Retirement seemed to fit my conservative way of thinking.”

Doug and Eileen left that Educational Event in 2010 curious and ready to learn more—and that’s exactly what happened when they came to our headquarters in King of Prussia. The Flors walked away impressed by their experience with our Crash Proof Retirement educators.

“Most people get three meetings—they gave me five,” Doug recalled. “I like that I’m making gains, and not stepping back at all. If the stock market crashes, everything levels out and we don’t lose anything.”

Remember, Crash Proof vehicles are not stocks. They are not bonds or mutual funds either, and therefore they are not susceptible to the ups and downs of the stock market. The Flors were impressed with their newfound stability and four years later, they returned to our headquarters to begin building Eileen’s Crash Proof Retirement.

“Crash Proof Retirement was able to customize a program just for me,” said Eileen. “I told them the types of things that would make me feel insecure, and they don’t have anything like that in my plan.”

Eileen says her favorite aspect of Crash Proof Retirement is the flexibility and personalized attention she enjoys. “I didn’t have to put everything I owned into it,” she said. “I felt like my advisor listened to what I needed.

“I also like that the advisors do not take any payments. I found that hard to believe in the beginning, but it’s true.”

Eileen was used to dealing with advisors who took a chunk of her nest egg each and every year. At Crash Proof Retirement, she and her husband enjoy 100% of their money working for them, 100% of the time. Gone are the days of living and dying with every movement of the stock market. Today, the Flors are free to change investments as they see fit based on their needs—with absolutely no upfront or ongoing fees.

“Over the last five years, Crash Proof Retirement has given me peace of mind over my finances,” summarized Doug Flor. “Phil is needed in this industry, especially with the way the economy is going right now.  I feel like Phil and Joann have devised a way to help people.”

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