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Phil Cannella’s experience when young

Phil CannellaPhillip Cannella Media: Phil Cannella experienced at an early age something many of us hope we will never have to endure: one’s parents or grandparents life savings whittling away as they pay the expenses of a nursing home. It was in fact moments like this that gave Phil Cannella the impetus to set his career on its path to success.

Phil Cannella shares thoughts and feelings

Phil Cannella shares his thoughts and feelings with these memorable words: “Life is never predictable and seldom works the way we plan. A few months later, grandpop suffered a major stroke and was forced to go into a nursing home. We all

feared the worst. As grandpop’s life faded away in the nursing home and bills began to mount, my dad found himself in the second financial struggle of his life. Once again, we were facing losing our home and everything my dad and grandfather had worked so hard for all their lives.”

This is one of the reasons Phil Cannella chose the insurance industry as a career early on his life. The insurance industry offers a solution to this problem so that a nursing home stay won’t wipe out the savings of a family and leave them bereft of funds. Long term care insurance provides a solution to this very problem facing many families today which is why Phil Cannella continues to offer long term care insurance to those that he sits with.

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