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Phil Cannella did not have wealth

Phil CannellaPhillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella did not have the luxury of financial wealth even remotely as a child or young adult to be able to complete his education before he was thrown into the world to start making a living.

Phil Cannella was cast into the world

When his grandpop went into a nursing home and the family’s savings were being rapidly depleted and his dad was working 3 jobs to help pay the bills, young Phil Cannella was cast into the world to help fend for the family.

Phil Cannella describes this time of his life well: “I dropped out of college and put my dreams on hold and took a job to help pay the exorbitant nursing home bills. We all tried to pull more than our own weight. My dad, an aging man himself, tried hard to mask the signs of mental and physical trauma from caring for his sick dad while sustaining the family that loved him. He took on two more jobs so we could keep the house we all lived in and in which we had built so many fond memories. While my grandfather continued to slip away in that nursing home, my dad pushed himself to the limit to take care of us. He had always been my hero, but what a man. He worked 18 hours a day at three jobs; he was not just a hero to our family, but a true superhero.”

It was circumstances such as this take left a lasting mark on Phil Cannella and he sought solutions to problems like this that families were facing. This is how he found the insurance industry that offered solutions to this type of situation through long term care insurance.

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