Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella Looking Out for Our Seniors

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella is not alone in helping our seniors in many different ways, but he is quite unique in the amount of good work that speaks to his accomplishments in this arena. For Phil Cannella it has been all about helping others his entire life.

While we have heard much about his recent contributions to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the large contributions he has made to helping our future generations, we should not forget the contributions he has made to our seniors, our parents, those who brought us into this world.

Phil Cannella witnessed at an early age the difficulties families’ faced as loved ones aged. Case in point was his grandpa who needed nursing home care just months after retiring. Where is the American dream then? Working all your life yet to make ends meet and then finally hitting the time to retire and not being able to enjoy it— that is sad.

Hence Phil Cannella made it his business to help seniors in every way possible. This began when he researched various industries for a solution to this problem and recognized that the insurance industry could provide such an answer. Phil Cannella went door to door offering long term care insurance or as it was known then, nursing home insurance.

As the years went on, Phil Cannella found other ways to help seniors and today provides them with a means to protect their nest eggs against market crashes.


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