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Phil Cannella Lawsuit

Phil Cannella Lawsuit – Phillip Cannella LawsuitPhil Cannella Lawsuit is a man who stands up for his rights. He is a man who will defend those who are prey to the vested interests on Wall Street trying to fleece the everyday investor. He is a man who stands firm when others seek to tear him down.

Phil Cannella Lawsuit • Phillip Cannella Lawsuit

Knowing that he was making a foray into an industry fraught with corruption, Phil Cannella knew that it wasn’t going to be an easy course to travel but he knew it was going to be a personally fulfilling and rewarding one knowing that he was doing the right thing, knowing that he was providing solutions to those not well informed of the ins and outs of Wall Street.

Thus the title of this little article which may arouse some curiosity. First of all, who is Phil Cannella? And secondly what do we mean by “throwing down the gauntlet”? It will be best to answer the second question first as it sheds some light on the true character of Phil Cannella. The word “gauntlet” means “a medieval glove, as of mail or plate, worn by a knight in armor to protect the hand.”

To “throw down the gauntlet” means to issue a challenge. “A gauntlet-wearing knight would challenge a fellow knight or enemy to a duel by throwing one of his gauntlets on the ground. The opponent would pick up the gauntlet to accept the challenge.”

Now to answer the first question of “Who is Phil Cannella?” His competitors call him a mere insurance salesman. His enemies call him a scam artist.  His supporters call him a champion of the people. His clients call him a consumer advocate. So who or what is he?

Phil Cannella is a very ordinary man with quite an extraordinary passion. He witnessed at a very early age in life the difficulties people face as they age when he saw his grandpa’s retirement dreams fizzle away when he suffered a stroke just months into retirement. Worse, he witnessed how his entire family, grandparents, parents and his 4 siblings were all put under extreme financial stress when this occurred due to the mounting nursing home bills that his dad had to foot for his grandfather’s nursing home care. It was this situation that cast Phil Cannella into the workaday world almost 40 years ago now. It was this circumstance that brought Phil Cannella to the decision that he was going to help the American retiree live his or her dreams enjoying the nest egg he or she worked so hard for all their life. It was this very occurrence that brought Phil to the decision that he was going to help other families like his own from ever falling into the situation that befell his family when a parent or grandparent needed some form of long term care.

In the pursuit of that objective in life, Phil Cannella sought out an industry that could provide answers and he learned of the insurance industry where a family or an individual could get insurance to protect themselves from the eventuality of needing some form of long term care. For a comparatively small sum in the form of insurance premiums an individual could protect themselves, their assets and their family from the relatively high risk of needing long term care. As a result, Phil Cannella began selling nursing home insurance door to door and was one of the country’s pioneers of long term care insurance.

As his experience advanced, he sought other ways to help the American retiree protect his or her assets and learned of financial vehicles that could prevent someone from losing all or part of their nest egg in the face of a stock market crash. Again, witnessing first-hand the devastation that was caused to families in 2001/2002 during that stock market crash, Phil wanted to find a solution that could protect seniors and families against the debilitating effect the stock market could have.

Once more Phil Cannella found an answer in the insurance industry and beginning in 2004 he offered a broader spectrum of insurance products that could shield a client’s assets from many of life’s adversities, whether a personal misfortune such as the need for expensive long term care or the “bad luck” incident to a stock market crash.

As Phil Cannella’s motives were truly altruistic, word of mouth spread like wildfire and soon he was unable to sit in front of enough people to fill the growing demand for his services. In order to fill this burgeoning need, he began holding weekly events to educate people on their retirement finances. He also trained several financial advisors on his system. All of this enabled him to meet the growing demand for his services.

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Phil Cannella Lawsuit is over

The Phil Cannella Lawsuit is over and I'm impressed how well Phil handled it. What a dignified man.

Phil Cannella Lawsuit fights for justice

The Phil Cannella Lawsuit is one of the ways Phil Cannella fights against the ways of people with ill intentions. Keep it up, Phil!

Phil Cannella Lawsuit is successful

The Phil Cannella Lawsuit shows that people should be ashamed of trying to destroy the business of an altruistic man. Phil Cannella has helped me understand how to take care of my retirement fund since my husband passed five years ago.

Phil Cannella Lawsuit win

Phil Cannella Lawsuit really has proven that Phil Cannella is a champion of the people. Phil Cannella is willing to put up a fight for those he defends.

Phil Cannella Lawsuit

I have a good knowledge of the Phil Cannella Lawsuit. Thank you for the in depth explanation

Phil Cannella Lawsuit is very much understood

Phil Cannella Lawsuit is very much understood why you fought for it. Phil Cannella good job and stay strong for all of us.